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MYRE - The Boozer

"The Boozer" - One of the important characters in my graphic novel, Myre, which you can find at:
This picture is also featured as one of my collectible cards.
The Boozer: Nobody knows what The Boozer's real name is... except for The Boozer, of course. However, he's delighted to discuss a myriad of other topics at length.

The Boozer is a scarred and haggardly old raccoon, wearing a lifetime of harsh Yrian life on his face – a distinction that he shows with pride. He is a character with plenty of stories to tell and, loving nothing better than telling them (except for perhaps his next glass of ale), he spends most of his time in taverns and seedy watering holes waiting for a young ear to open in his direction.

Though he may be nearly perpetually sloshed, those who know The Boozer will tell you that it would be wise to heed what he has to say.